All the Marketing Materials – Brimmer Boys

Ever since working together to create her logo, Jaclyn of Brimmer Boys, and I have created some of my most favorite branding materials. We’ve created tags and cards and packaging that all showcase her business’s classic, preppy brand with a little gingham and an extra dose of navy.

Do I Need Marketing Materials?

Marketing materials can help you give your customers a clear view of your brand and what your business is all about. Whether it’s thank you cards, shipping envelopes, business cards, product tags and labels, or postcards, every element can visually communicate your style and substance.

Branded Postcards

One great example of economical marketing is the branded postcard. Postcards are versatile. You can use them as a thank you to your customers; they can be inserted in shipments as gift notes, you can send them to potential retailers or established customers announcing a new product. Endless possibilities await when you have a well-designed, printed postcard at your fingertips.

Branded Packaging

Everyone likes getting mail, right? You can increase those good vibes by branding up your packaging! When you ship your products in branded mailers or use logo tape on boxes, it makes receiving your mail all the more exciting. It tells the recipient that this package is special.

Want to create some marketing magic together? Give me a shout at hello [at] cynthomas [dot] com.