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DIY in a Box

Painted by the Shore Christmas DIY in a BoxThere are moments when projects come along that you think, “THIS is going to end up awesome.”

When Kristina of Painted by the Shore asked me to create an editable design for her DIY in a Box, I knew it was going to be something special.

Each set of DIY boxed ornaments would have its own theme and be wrapped with the printed design. Kristina would be able to customize certain text blocks and insert images, while keeping the main design untouched.

Stencils were designed from Kristina’s sketches to keep each set consistent and we also created some thank you cards, as well as cards inviting customers to join other DIY in a Box users online to enhance the creative experience.

DIY in a Box was successful in its first run! New sets of boxes were created the next year for wood coasters and serving trays using the same basic design, but changing the icons to indicate the contents of the DIY set.

More Info?

You can get more information on DIY in a Box here or if you’d like to work together on a similar project, get in touch with me at hello [at] cynthomas [dot] com.

Painted by the Shore DIY in a Box