Line Sheet Design with Roost Candle Co.

What is a Line Sheet?

Line sheets are a concise, branded document that provide potential stockists with easy access to your full product line. Featured here is an example of a recent line sheet for Roost Candle Co.

Ready for wholesale?

A great way to start is to have a professional line sheet to send to your potential stores. Line sheets should be a combination of good imagery and detailed information, while giving a snapshot of your brand in a glance.

Should I design one myself?

It depends on your comfort with design. Your images, titles, descriptions, and brand elements are the basis for a well-designed line sheet. Often, so many elements can look cluttered and confusing, instead of clean and beautiful. Graphic designers may take an hour to put together a line sheet that might take you many more hours to complete.

Want to work together?

If you’re ready to create a line sheet and would like professional help, email me at hello [at] cynthomas [dot] com!