Hello Packaging! with Treefort Naturals

If you are a maker of products, you know that changing your packaging is a scary endeavor. It doesn’t matter if you created your current labels and tags with great care or if you made something in a rush for your first craft show that just STUCK. Making a big change to suit your brand requires some risk.

A Marriage of Kraft and Black

Jess from Treefort Naturals and I work together frequently to create different aspects of her business branding. We created her logo together, using her sketch of a tree and ladder. We’ve made it possible for her to have a DIY option that is branded and professional for labeling her soaps.

As her business grew, Jess felt that some of her packaging needed a facelift, while still being connected to her natural kraft vibe. Working together with me and a printing partner (to get the color details just right), Treefort Naturals was able to update the look of many of their special bath and natural skincare products, using sophisticated black labels and tags, combined with kraft lettering.

Changing your packaging and labels can be nerve-wracking (and more than a bit of work), but the end result can be scary good! If you have the feeling that you’d like to explore new package designs, get in touch at hello [at] cynthomas [dot] com.