Automate Your Orders with this Interactive PDF

Filling wholesale orders from retailers can be time consuming for you and for your stockists. Whether your stockist is still fond of fax machines or you haven’t built your online order system yet, using an interactive PDF can make ordering effortless.

One of my clients, Roost Candle Co., requested an order form for her wholesale orders. I created a form that contains all her candles and scents with sizes/weights and appropriate prices for each.

As a retailer fills out the form, the totals for each product are calculated as they are entered and a grand total (less shipping & fees) is calculated. This makes it easy to adjust ordering to a specific budget and meet minimums for individual products and minimum dollar amounts.

Will all your retailers be able to use this PDF? Yes! It is created to work in Adobe’s free PDF reader. Once it is set with your brand’s logo, color scheme, and products, it’s as easy as sending via email or adding to your website for download.

Contact me to create your own interactive order form at hello [at] cynthomas [dot] com.